It is possible to embrace nature in Gocek, one of the most beautiful coasts of Turkey – even in the Mediterranean. One of the best activities you can do in this beautiful vacation destination is to do The 12 Islands Tour.

In these day tours, vacationers are picked up from their hotels and dropped off at their hotels at the end of the tour. You will have the opportunity to explore Fethiye and its beautiful bay with this tour and you can enjoy your vacation. The 12 islands tour departs from Gocek, where blue and green unite, will make you feel happy. You will be able to see many different places in this tour through the boat which anchors many beautiful islands. Each of these islands is named with different names.

The 12 islands of Gocek excursion

The most important of these islands are: Kizil Island, Zeytin Island, Yassica Islands, Tersane Island, Domuz Island, Sovalye Island. In addition to these islands, the beautiful bays of Fethiye are also visited. Which islands and bays can we visit on the Fethiye Gocek 12 Islands Boat Tour? What are the characteristics of these places? Let me talk about some of them:

The 12 islands of Gocek excursionKIZIL ISLAND

The island of Kizil, which fascinates everyone with its sunset, perhaps takes its name from its territory which has become red again. On the southern tip of this beautiful island there is a lighthouse which provides a nostalgic and romantic image. This lighthouse is particularly well received by photographers. There is also a seafood restaurant in the south of the island, where you can have a nice dinner here.

The 12 islands of Gocek excursionKATRANCI ISLAND

Katranci Island is one of the most visited places for adventure seekers coming to Fethiye for camping. There are no hotels or businesses on this island. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the ideal places for anyone who wants to blend in with nature. #Katranci Bay is located about 15 km from Fethiye and beautiful pine trees cover all parts of the island. This island is also frequently visited by people who want to fish.

The 12 islands of Gocek excursionGOCEK ISLAND

All visitors to the 12 Islands of Gocek Boat Tour must definitely visit Gocek Island. This beautiful island has many bays and boats can easily approach these bays. Gocek Island is considered one of the most important factors for Gocek to be a natural harbor. Gocek Island provides the #Gocek without wind. The bays around the island are frequently visited by yachtsmen. This pine-covered island must be visited by anyone who wants to swim, have fun and find peace.

The 12 islands of Gocek excursionYASSICA ARCHIPELAGO

The Yassica Archipelago,