One of the most excellent activities you can do when you come to Göcek, one of the most perfect gifts that nature has given to man, is to join the 12 Islands boat tour. You will find the opportunity to embrace the magnificent nature in Göcek, which is one of the most magnificent beaches of Turkey and even the Mediterranean. When you join the 12 Islands yacht tour, you buy a service where you will be picked up from the hotel and dropped off back at your hotel at the end of the tour. While you will spend a wonderful day on Göcek 12 Islands yacht tour, you will also enjoy the unique nature in the magnificent bays and islands of Fethiye Gulf. The 12 Islands boat tour starts in Göcek, where blue and green dance harmoniously, and ends in Göcek, after pleasant hours spent in the magnificent bays of the Mediterranean. You will see many natural wonders during the 12 Islands boat tour.

When you join the 12 Islands yacht tour, you buy a service where you will be picked up from the hotel and dropped off back at your hotel at the end of the tour. While you will spend a wonderful day on Göcek 12 Islands yacht tour, you will also enjoy the unique nature in the magnificent bays and islands of Fethiye Gulf. The 12 Islands boat tour starts in Göcek, where blue and green dance harmoniously, and ends in Göcek, after pleasant hours spent in the magnificent bays of the Mediterranean. You will see many natural wonders during the 12 Islands boat tour.

Göcek 12 Adalar

Some of these islands, each of which is called with its own names, are Kızıl Ada, Zeytin Island, Yassıcalar, Shipyard, Domuz Island and Knight Island. If you want to know where to visit and the highlights of these places when we take the Göcek 12 Islands Boat tour, where you will visit the wonderful bays of Fethiye as well as the islands, continue reading.

Red(Kızıl) Island

Attracting visitors with its unique sunset, Kızıl Ada got its name from the fact that it turns red during sunset. The lighthouse, located at the southern tip of the island, gives visitors nostalgic and romantic moments. The lighthouse especially attracts the attention of photographers. You can add romantic memories to your album with the photos you will take here, and you can enjoy the island by having a unique dinner at the seafood restaurant next to the lighthouse.

Kızıl Ada
Kızıl Ada

Katrancı Island

Katrancı Adası
Katrancı Adası

Katrancı Island is one of the places most frequently visited by nature-lovers who come to Fethiye to camp. There are no hotels or businesses on this island. With this feature, Katrancı Island is an indispensable place for those who want to spend time with nature. Katrancı Island is also one of the important spots for hobby fishing. Katrancı Bay, which is surrounded by pine trees on all sides, is approximately 15 km from Fethiye.

Göcek Island

Göcek Adası
Göcek Adası

Anyone who joins the Göcek 12 Islands boat tour should visit the island of Göcek. The most important factor in Göcek’s being a natural harbor, the magnificent bays of Göcek Island can be easily reached by boat. Göcek Island coves have calm and windless weather due to the location of the island. For this reason, the bays around it are often preferred for boat visits. If you are someone who likes to swim and spend a peaceful time with nature, you should definitely visit Göcek Island, which is a natural wonder covered with pine trees.

Yassıca Island

Yassıca Archipelago, consisting of 5 small and large islands, is one of the most frequently visited places on the 12 Islands boat tour. These islands are the most anchored point for yachts. The northern tip of the main island of the Yassıca Archipelago is frequently preferred by swimming lovers. In addition, various water sports are also carried out in the region. The islands forming the Yassıca Archipelago are separated from each other by narrow straits that are natural wonders. You will definitely be satisfied with your swimming trips between these islands. Our biggest advice to those who will go to Yassıca Islands is to have a nice time in the moonlight.

Olive (Zeytin) Island

Zeytin Island, also known as Hacı Halil Island, is the only privately owned area in Yassıca. There is an olive squeezing plant on Zeytin Island, which is thought to be from the Ottoman period. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to go to this island owned by Zorlu Holding.

Zeytin Adası
Zeytin Adası

Shipyard (Tersane) Island

The biggest island you can see when you go on a Göcek 12 Islands yacht tour is Tersane Island. Shipyard Island attracts visitors with its historical structure. There are buildings on Tersane Island that reflect the Mediterranean architectural features and date back to the early Roman period. Tersane Island got its name from the safe, pool-like shape that allowed the maintenance, repair, and construction of boats in the past. There are families who are interested in agriculture and animal husbandry on Tersane Island, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to 12 Islands tour.

Tersane Adası
Tersane Adası

Domuz Island

Domuz island got its name from the pigs living in the higher parts of the island. But since the last owner of the island is a prince, it is also called the Prince’s Island. There are no suitable piers for yachts around this privately owned island. Domuz Island, which is the closest island to the Kapıdağ Peninsula, is the private property of the Simavi Family. Panço Bay, located in the northern part of the island, is a frequently preferred spot for yachts to anchor. Located between Tersane Island and Domuz Island, Aquarium Bay is one of the most preferred areas for snorkeling. If you are a diving enthusiast, Aquarium Bay is waiting for you with its deep blue waters!

Domuz Adası
Domuz Adası

Knight (Şövalye) Adası

Knight Island is located in the north of Fethiye Harbor. In the past, entry to the island was under the control of the port. This is due to the fact that the island is in a very strategic location. Knight Island was taken under control by the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century and remained so for many years. It is possible to come across historical artifacts from this period on the island. In addition to the structures remaining from the Rhodes Knights period, the old water cisterns, castle walls, and mosaic ruins from the Roman period also attract visitors. There is a hotel, two apart-hotels, a restaurant, beaches, and picnic areas on Knight Island. During the summer period, there are regular minibus services that go directly to the island between 10 am and 7 pm. In addition, it is possible to go to the island on a 12 islands yacht tour. In addition to natural beauties, there are many options for visitors who want to participate in social activities on this island where social life is intense.

Şövalye Adası

Göbün Bay

One of the stops you will visit when you take a 12 Islands yacht tour is Göbün Bay. This unique bay, where you can admire the clarity of the sea, is located in the west of Fethiye. Göbün Bay, which has an average depth of 7-10 meters, has calm and peaceful waters like all other bays of Fethiye Bay. When you arrive at Göbün Bay, you will encounter Göbün Restaurant, a very charming family business. In this place where nature and taste dance, you will have a pleasant time while eating delicious food thanks to the beauties offered by nature. Next to Göbün Bay, there is another bay called Cavern Bay. There is a cave among the rocks in Caveli Bay and a staircase that passes through magnificent greenery on the way to the cave. Both structures in question are completely natural and impressive. If you want to go on a unique journey in nature, do not forget to visit Göbün and Cavalli Bays!

Göbün Koyu

Bedri Rahmi Bay

Bedri Rahmi Koyu
Bedri Rahmi Koyu

Bedri Rahmi Bay is one of the most popular places to visit on the 12 Islands yacht tour. This region, also known as Lycia and Taşyaka Bay, is right across the Shipyard Island. The most striking features of this bay are its natural beauty and historical structure. The bay was named after the famous Turkish painter Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu because he frequently visited this region. During a visit to the bay in 1973, Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu drew a picture of a fish on a rock here. This fish painting still fascinates people. This rock is known as fish rock by the people living here. Bedri Rahmi Bay is often preferred by campers as it has a calm and windless weather. The forest behind the bay with olive and pine trees and the oleander trees on its shore greet the travelers passing by the bay. There are graves etc. at the back of the bay. There are archaeological remains. These ruins are the most important structures that make up the historical structure of the sheep. Bedri Rahmi Bay, where you can experience nature, history and social life together, awaits you, our valued visitors, with all its splendor.

Cleopatra Hamamı

Known as the Cleopatra Bath, this magnificent bay is a place where you can meet blue and green at the same time. It is possible to see every shade of blue in this magnificent bay covered with pine trees. The historical ruins on the south side of the bay have been damaged by earthquakes that occurred in different periods. According to the legend, during one of Cleopatra’s visits to Anatolia, one of Cleopatra’s close friends decided to build a bath for her as a gift, and a bath was built in the place known today as Cleopatra Bath. The reason why the bath was built in this bay is that there are many hot water sources in the region. Calcium, magnesium, etc. of the bay waters. Being rich in minerals helps to leave positive effects on the skin. According to the legend, behind the beauty of Cleopatra lies this bay and its waters. If you want to have smooth and healthy skin, you should swim in the unique waters of Cleopatra Bay.

Gemiler Bay

Gemiler Koyu
Gemiler Koyu

Gemiler Bay has a wonderful nature surrounded by olive and pine trees. On the right side of the bay, St. Nicholas Island is located. There are remains from the Byzantine period in Gemiler Bay, which have reached today. Based on these ruins, historians St. He came to the conclusion that Nicholas lived on this island. st. If you want to visit the island where Nicholas lived and have a wonderful nature experience, you should not ignore this island.

Oyuktepe Peninsula

Oyuktepe Yarımadası
Oyuktepe Yarımadası

There are many coves such as Aksazlar, Samanlık, Kuleli and Boncuklu on the Oyuktepe Peninsula, which is located in the western part of Fethiye Harbor. These coves, which have a 7 km long coastline, are considered as relaxing places today. This bay offers a peaceful and relaxing holiday opportunity for nature lovers who want to escape from the city crowd and the intensity of daily life.

Turunç Pınarı Bay

Turunç Pınarı Bay is a bay that is frequently visited by yachts and takes its name from the rich citrus trees in the region. This bay is worth seeing with its springs as well as citrus trees.

Küçük Kargı Bay

Küçük Kargı Bay, which is frequently visited by campers, is famous for its beaches. This area, covered with sweetgum trees, is one of the main recreation areas where you can have a picnic and have a pleasant time. Transportation to Küçük Kargı Bay is also provided by minibuses. If you are dreaming of a picnic where you can have a good time with your family, you should definitely visit Küçük Kargı Bay.

Sarsala Bay

Sarsala Bay is one of the bays where you can go on a 12 Islands yacht tour. Sarsala Bay’s beach, fine sand, and the shade provided by the surrounding trees attract visitors to this bay. This bay, which is frequently preferred by daily vacationers, is almost a garden of paradise. The absence of any hotel in Sarsala Bay has ensured that nature is preserved unharmed. We recommend you to spend at least one day in this natural wonder cove, which has not been harmed by human hands yet.

Göcek Sarsala Koyu
Göcek Sarsala Koyu

Ayten Bay

Ayten Bay is one of the most beautiful of Göcek bays. It is possible to reach this bay both by land and by sea. Surrounded by pine trees, this small cove has warm and relaxing waters. The point you should pay attention to about Ayten Bay is that the sea is stony. Being careful while swimming here will prevent possible accidents and provide you with pleasant moments. You can also find the opportunity to camp in this region were green and blue meet.

İnlice Bay

The wide beach of İnlice, 3km away from Göcek, is known for its size. The fact that İnlice Bay is very close to Göcek and there is a public beach here makes people flock to this area. Inlice Bay is one of the most frequented places in the region for those who want to camp and have a pleasant picnic.

Göcek Boat Tour

Göcek 12 Islands yacht tour is an activity that nature lovers who want to visit Göcek should definitely experience. The limited number of beaches in Göcek is the most important factor that allows people to join the 12 Islands yacht tour. With the 12 Islands yacht tour, you can visit the untouched bays and experience pleasant moments. During the 12 Islands yacht tour, you can find the opportunity to visit Zeytin Island, Yassıca Island, Domuz Island, and many more islands and coves. If you come to Göcek, never go back without taking this tour!

How to go to Göcek?

Do you want to join the 12 Islands yacht tour but do not know how to go to Göcek? Here is the answer to the question of how to go to Göcek:

Transportation by Road:

You can reach the Göcek region via the highways connecting to Burdur, Antalya and Muğla. In addition, there are bus services to Fethiye from cities such as Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya.

Transportation by Air:

Göcek is only 23 km from Dalaman Airport. After landing at Dalaman Airport, you can rent a car or purchase a transfer service to reach Göcek.

Transportation by Sea:

If you want to reach Göcek with a pleasant journey, you can choose the seaway. Göcek Port, which is accepted as one of the centers of yacht tourism in the world, is a point frequently preferred by people who come from all over the world and travel by yacht.

You should definitely visit these places!

Each person’s expectations for a vacation may differ; However, a calm and peaceful place will make you feel the difference no matter what. Göcek is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in the world where you can have a holiday with peace of mind. Here, you will not only have a wonderful holiday, but also find happiness and peace, and you will collect beautiful memories. You will have the holiday of your dreams in Göcek and you will have a wonderful holiday experience. You can choose the daily rental villas of Gocek Rentals to stay in Gocek, which offers you everything you expect from a holiday, and you can also benefit from the high-class concierge services it offers.